Regenerative Therapy

Our regenerative therapy harnesses the natural healing capabilities of the body, complemented by the power of regenerative allografts. When introduced to damaged tissues, these allografts differentiate into the necessary cell types, performing essential roles to restore functionality. This minimally invasive treatment not only reduces recovery time but also enhances the body’s intrinsic ability to heal itself. At Opal Aesthetics, we are dedicated to providing advanced, effective, and safe regenerative therapies to help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

Treatment Time 20-30 mins
Downtime None


How is regenerative therapy administered?

Depending on your individual needs, directly into the joint space or you may receive treatment via intramuscular injection. Your regenerative medicine specialist will discuss your particular treatment method with you before you receive treatment.

Are there any side effects?

Very rarely one may experience a “healing crisis” like symptoms. As the body responds to injury/trauma, it sends healing cells to the affected area. This can cause increased inflammation and other discomfort. This can last for a few days but is totally normal should it happen.

Can certain medications interfere with regenerative therapy?

Yes, certain medications and supplements may affect your eligibility for this therapy. You can speak with your Regenerative Medicine Specialist about any prescription medications or supplements you are taking at the time of your consultation.

Does regenerative therapy really work?

No form of medicine, surgery, or other therapies are ever guaranteed. We believe the power that made the body is the same power that can heal the body. Regenerative therapy provides strong therapeutic potential to do so.

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