Hormone Therapy

Experience a revitalized sense of well-being with our Hormone Therapy service. Our skilled medical professionals offer personalized hormone treatments that aim to restore balance and enhance your overall health. Whether you’re seeking relief from menopausal symptoms, addressing hormonal imbalances, or aiming to optimize your well-being, our tailored approach utilizes advanced techniques to help you achieve desired results. Embrace renewed vitality and improved quality of life through our comprehensive Hormone Therapy solutions.

Treatment Time 10-30 mins
Pain Level Mild
Downtime None
Price $90


What makes your medical spa different from all the rest?
What makes Opal Aesthetics unique is our mission of enhancing and restoring the natural beauty in each individual from the inside out. We focus on providing cosmetic procedures and treatments that aim to improve one’s appearance while maintaining a natural look. Dr. Lundquist incorporates her exceptional training with an emphasis on safety and a  personalized approach to each client’s needs to provide the best possible results. 
Can I combine multiple treatments in a single visit.
Most treatments can be combined with other treatments in a single visit. Dr. Lundquist takes a full spectrum approach when treating her patients and if she finds it suitable and safe to perform multiple treatments in a single visit she will make sure to do so. 
Are the results of treatments long-lasting?
The longevity of results from treatments can vary. Some treatments offer results that last for several months to years but these results can be sustained with regular periodic maintenance sessions. 
How much do treatments at a medical spa cost?
The cost of treatments can vary significantly but Opal Aesthetics can provide payment plans through Cherry so that your aesthetic goals can be met. Package deals are also offered for several treatments. We recommend reaching out to Opal Aesthetics for a consultation to discuss costs based on Dr. Lundquist’s assessment of what treatments would be right for you.

More questions?